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          We are high-tech enterprise who are committed to

          application research of LED lighting technical and

          products and implementation of lighting projects

          We are committed to providing the most professional and the best quality semi-conductor packaging products,efficient power supplies,also providing des...
          LED indoor / Commercial / Residential Lighting  
          LED Outdoor / road / landscape lighting  
          • step1

            Discover the demands

            Each lighting project,is originated from our discovery of your real demand. By listening to your wishes,we find the balance between R&D ability,budgeting,execution level of works and design style during the relaxed and professional communication.
          • step2

            Project design

            Professional team and project:engineer will integrate all your demand information and provide an official documents including structure drawing,products selection and the quotation of the whole project. After confirming the final version of the project,the contract will be signed.
          • step3

            Project implementation

            Project construction team which is in charged by the engineer will proceed the installation and debugging on site according to the professional drawing of the whole lighting project. There is an acceptance inspection after the project is completed.
          • step4

            After-sale service

            Provide hands-on training and follow-up maintenance for the owner parties after finish acceptance inspection is our duty. A whole set of product repair,replacement guarantee terms and maintenance terms will make you feel relieved.

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